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Toss a coin and start playing cricket games with us. Play side by side with the best cricketers around the world. Bat, bowl and score runs in this great team sport game. Welcome to the Cricket Games 247!

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If you like playing cricket games and like cricket then this is the right place for you! You just have to love it! Perhaps you'll join professional team someday, but until then we give you the best collection of cricket games online to play and enjoy them.
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Lets mention few things about the game. Cricket is the world's second most popular sport. In a cricket game players are split between two sides of eleven players each side on a cricket field. The rules of Cricket do not say anything specific about the width or length or shape of the cricket field. Most of the action is happening in a center that is known as the pitch. A run is scored when the batsman has run the length of the pitch after hitting the ball with his bat. If the batsmen are not trying to score more runs, the ball is called dead and will be returned to the bowler who will bowl it again. In professional matches, there are 15 people on the field. The objective of each team is to score more runs than the other team and to completely dismiss them.
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A word about cricket

The game Cricket has a long history and is first mentioned in the 16th century. Cricket originated in England and in it's early beginnings was a children game. It was played by the children in the clearings in the woods. Only later at the beginning of the 17th century the adults started to participate and that is when all started to shape up. Half a century later the international matches took place and today cricket is played professionally in most of the Commonwealth countries around the World.
cricket laws

In the eighteenth century cricket became a betting game for the British aristocracy which even made the first set of rules or as they call it Laws of the game. The cricket is one of the rare sports that refers to its rules as the laws. There are 42 laws of cricket today. The first four laws cover the Players and Officials of the game. Next few talk about Equipment and laying out the pitch. Then there is Structure of the game covered by 5 laws(12-17). Scoring and Winning are the most important of all laws and they regulate just how one team can beat the other. There are also Mechanics of Dismissal (laws 27-29). Ways to get out are the laws(30-39) which discuss the various ways a batsman can be dismissed. Fielders contain only two laws, and the last but not least is the 42nd law of Fair and Unfair Play. There are also a few Appendixes which complete the set of laws necessary to play the game of Cricket.
cricket historic

Games of cricket can begin when there are eleven players, the ball, the bat and the wickets, in one word the cricket equipment. The cricket ball is of certain dimensions and weight and must be within the cricket standards. That applies to the cricket bat also. It must have no more than 38 inches in length and must be 4.25 inches wide. It also has to be made out of wood, usually willow. Additional cricket equipment consists of cricket helmet, cricket batting gloves and other protection gear necessary to complete the equipment.
The cricket Games were always very popular in Commonwealth countries. The rich aristocrats in 18th and 19th century placed huge bets on their favorite teams and even made their own teams to ensure the bet would pay out for them. Betting was as widely spread in those days as it is today. In some strange way, we may even be grateful to those gamblers who helped the development of the sport by helping themselves get richer. Today we get to enjoy the great game of Cricket in all its beauty and we have bored children and notorious gamblers to thank for that. :)

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Top Cricket Countries
Cricket has some dominant countries as far as world wide rankings are concerned, and in 2013 the top five ranked countries by the International Cricket Council are South Africa, England, India, Australia and Pakistan, ranked in that order 1-5.


cricket in England
Over in England, cricket is known to have been played since at least the 16th century. In England there are 18 professional county clubs, and each summer they compete in the First Class County Championship, which sees the 18 teams split into 2 leagues of 9 play various matches over 4 days. There are also several smaller competitions such as the Minor Counties Cricket Championship, which is a season long competition for smaller teams that don't have 'first class' status. Cricket is considered second only to soccer as the most popular participation sport in England.


cricket in India
Cricket in India dates back as far as 1721, and is considered by far to be the most popular sport in India, being played in the streets and open spaces by people of all ages all throughout the country. India offers a large variety of domestic cricket competitions including: the Ranji Trophy, the Duleep Trophy, the Vijay Hazare Trophy, the Deodhar Trophy, the Irani Trophy and also the NKP Salve Challenger Trophy. India's national cricket team has had it's fair share of success, having won the 1983 Cricket World Cup and the 2011 Cricket World Cup among many other accolades.


cricket in Australia
Australia boasts huge cricket popularity numbers with over 850,000 nationally registered cricket players. Cricket is dated back to the very early 1800's in Australia and today is widely considered Australia's national sport. Official data actually shows that over 93% of Australians watched at least 'some' cricket in 2010-2011. Australia boasts many different domestic competitions as well, and in international competition Australia is one of the most successful countries of all time with several strong showings time and time again on the international stage. Here are the latest news about cricket in Australia.
Check out most played and read about Pakistan and South Africa.
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